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An untouched natural environment points the way to the source of healing


We’re Focused on the Health of All Mankind

The home of fangocur is the volcanically active region of Styria, which is located in the south-east of Austria. The company was founded in 1999 with a simple mission: helping people to be as healthy as possible. To achieve this, we make use of a natural healing remedy that has stood the test of time…though it was almost forgotten.

Natural Gossendorf fango is a treasure for the health of humanity
Gossendorf fango is worked into a fine powder from which high quality products are produced

Gossendorf fango

A Treasure for All Mankind

The people living in the Styrian region of Gossendorf, located at the foot of the Gleichenberg in the south-east of Austria, have known about the healing effects of the special clay in the area for more than 100 years. Physicians from far and wide even sent their patients to the region so that they too could benefit from the healing clay. In the 1970s, it became official when the healing power of this fango clay was was recognised by the local government. As part of the approval process, medical experts came to realise there were actually very few sources of such healing clay – a clay proven to offer comprehensive healing effects – on our planet. The characteristics of the substances found in the clay together with its physical properties are truly unique, making it no exaggeration to call Gossendorf fango a treasure for all mankind.

In October 2015, fangocur was awarded the “made in styria” seal of quality

The OFI, a well-known Austrian research institute, is an important partner in the investigation of Gossendorf fango

Known as the Number 1 in Healing Clays

The top quality, volcanic Gossendorf fango used by fangocur has been approved for therapeutic and medical purposes. We at fangocur seek to support people in their quest for a life that is both as long and as rich in health as possible. The essential first step is the elimination of illness and poor health, then one can work on maintaining such a healthy condition for the long-term.

We take special care to keep the natural fango in its unchanged form to the extent possible in both the development and manufacture of fangocur products. No artificial or chemical additives of any kind are used. This means that the active ingredients and mechanical properties of the fango clay are not lessened in their effectiveness. Many of the fangocur products are produced by hand…fangocur sets a high standard in terms of gentle production methods.

We are also busy at work to discover new ways to use Gossendorf fango healing clay. Research conducted by fangocur has yielded new treatment concepts along with new natural products. Many illnesses can be addressed in a completely pure and natural way with fangocur products, even many “incurable” conditions. This could only have been achieved through close cooperation with universities and other approved research institutions. It’s our aim to offer fangocur products that have been proven effective through scientifically sound methods.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards have resulted in our accreditation as a producer of products for medical

Producer of medical products

We seek to comply with internationally recognised standards. Part of this is our success in being certified as a producer of medical products. This certification allows fangocur to produce products for medical use, and to distribute them internationally. Only companies that continuously focus on quality control can meet the strict requirements demanded by testing through such an international accrediting body.

Years of Success Throughout All of Europe

Since the the founding of the company in Austria in 1999, the fangocur products have experienced growing popularity all over Europe. Today hundreds of thousands of people trust fangocur – many regularly use our natural products. We’re on the way to achieving our mission, but there’s still more to do.

Your fangocur Team

The Most Customer Friendly Company in the World

Through the natural products, advice and reliable current information we provide, we seek to help each and every person on their path toward improved health and wellness, as well as inner and outer beauty. Part of this is keeping in mind that our greatest asset of all is to be found in the people who put their trust in fangocur. To this end, it is our uppermost goal to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied. We at fangocur take a different path: we’re working hard to really be the most customer friendly company in the world.

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