The fangocur Skin Care Concept for Dermatitis

The skin of those who suffer with dermatitis is often very dry, rough and chapped. It can be essential to regularly moisturise the skin. As this skin type is also very sensitive and tends to easily become inflamed, the skin cream used has to be gentle and not cause irritation, and ideally it should have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Our skin creams contain no artificial ingredients or chemical additives as these can irritate or even damage the skin.

The fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 meets all these requirements. It’s up to the challenge of moisturising even very dry skin, and it is quickly and easily absorbed – especially important for those with oily skin. The moisturising effects go beyond the surface layers of the skin – our mineral cream even fights inflammation.

The Effects of fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 on Dermatitis

Mineral Cream N°5 moisturises and normalises the skin, helping the skin regenerate and fight inflammation. It helps to lessen inflammation while improving the elasticity of the skin, thus reducing dryness and cracking. It also calms that nagging itch.

The Mineral Cream contains extremely fine particles of fango healing clay This is the reason for the anti-inflammatory action – irritated skin is soothed and future skin irritation is prevented.

Mineral Cream N°5 is ideal as an everyday skin cream for face and body. Absolutely no artificial fragrance, colour or preservatives. High quality airtight dispenser protects the quality of the skin cream. No animal testing.

Using fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 for Dermatitis

The Mineral Cream should be applied to clean skin in the morning and evening. Avoid application to the very sensitive skin around the eyes. It’s best to avoid application of the skin cream immediately after using the Curative Mineral Mask to treat psoriasis. If the skin feels uncomfortably dry after removal of the Mineral Mask, a light application of the Mineral Cream is permissible.

Mineral Cream N°5 is more than a face cream – use it on any affected area of the body. Remember to apply only a thin layer of cream to the skin as you then get more use out of each container.

Natural skin care specifically for dermatitis

Skin Cleansing with the Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur

When cleaning skin which is affected by dermatitis a gentle cleansing is essential, but it’s also important that the skin is thoroughly cleaned. As most common soaps tend to dry the skin, leading to roughness and cracking, it’s best to use of the basic Curative Mineral Soap. It doesn’t dry the skin; rather it enhances hydration and supports the natural lipid metabolism of the skin.

Wash mornings and evenings with the Curative Mineral Soap. It’s very economical – it can be used for the entire body and it’s also suitable for use as a shampoo.

Regular Deep Cleaning with the Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur

Die Medizinische-Mineral-Maske ist das seit Jahren bewährte natürliche Mittel zur Behandlung von Neurodermitis. A proper treatment using the Curative Mineral Mask should last several weeks. Following a period of everyday use of the healing clay mask, we recommend a deep cleansing of the skin once or twice per week using the Curative Mineral Mask. The natural metabolism of the skin is supported and a return of the acne can be avoided.

Our recommendations for skin care

The natural skin care concept from fangocur includes

1. Regular deep cleansing of the skin (once or twice per week) with the Curative Mineral Mask

2. Daily skin cleaning (mornings and evenings) with the Curarative Mineral Soap

3. Daily skin care (mornings and evenings) with the Mineral Cream N°5


fangocur Bentomed supports the treatment of neurodermatitis from the inside out and we recommend a treatment with fangocur Bentomed 2-3 times a year.

A Foundation of Trust

When you order with fangocur, you can also of course pay via bank transfer after you receive your order! You will normally receive your order within one to three business day after placing your order.

Mineral Cream N°5 from fangocur

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Mineral Cream N°5 from fangocur (double pack)

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Curarative Mineral Soap from fangocur

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Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur (three bars)

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Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur

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(77,40 € / 100ml)

Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur (double pack)

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All About fangocur

The company was founded in 1999 and is located in a region of Austria know for its thermal springs. During the development and production of our products, we strive to ensure that all of the ingredients remain in the most natural form possible, for example fango healing clay, free from and artificial or chemical additives. Moreover, the active ingredients and the positive effects of the ingredients should not be negatively affected by the production process. This is why fangocur attaches the utmost importance to careful production – much of the work is actually done by hand.

At fangocur we strive to consistently improve through ongoing research and development in the field of natural healing. Our work leads to new treatment concepts, and relatedly to new products, which make it possible to address various health conditions in entirely natural ways, without any artificial chemicals. This level of improvement is only possible through cooperation with universities and other recognised research institutions. We at fangocur are committed to proving the authenticity of all of the claimed benefits of our products through established scientific methods. As we have put in the work needed to meet internationally accepted standards, the company has been certified by TÜV Austria as a manufacturer of products suitable for medical use. This means that fangocur is officially authorised to produce products with medical applications and distribute them internationally. Such special status is only possible for companies that correctly fulfil all of the respective strict requirements and take part in regular quality control checks carried out by independent testing bodies.

Since the the founding of the company in Austria in 1999, the fangocur products have experienced growing popularity all over Europe. As of now, around 300,000 people have put their trust in fangocur and make use of our natural products.

Legal notice:

and likewise any products described on the website are not to be taken as a replacement for medical treatment recommended by your physician. Take care to use fangocur products properly and follow the instructions contained in the package inserts. Do not exceed recommended dosages.

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