Are there natural ways to slow the aging of the skin?

Anti-aging is an overused term – nowadays there’s been a shift to “pro-aging” or even “better aging”. Nonetheless, the goal remains the same for those who would like to slow the natural aging process of the skin.

The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur offers a way to take reals steps toward optimally slowing the natural aging process of the skin. We think that this is the clearest definition of anti-aging when it comes to the skin.

Stop the visible signs of the passage of time

Natural healing clay works to successfully slow the development of wrinkles

Everyone’s skin needs to be properly supplied with oxygen and nutrients. With that in mind, it’s important to note that only skin that is free of toxins and metabolic waste products like excess oil can make proper use of nutrients. Many people spend there lives putting good things on their skin, though they almost never give their skin a thorough, deep-down cleaning!

Our Mineral Creams are 100% natural

More youthful skin keeps on looking young

What makes the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur so unique?

In contrast to skincare products that you might pick up at the local shop, which likely only address one cause of aging, the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur offers comprehensive care for your skin. Naturally pure fango healing clay forms the basis of the Anti-Aging Mask. It provides deep cleansing, fights inflammation, increases circulation and normalises the metabolism of the skin.

The ability of the skin to function properly is quickly restored. One can see this effect immediately after use as the skin reddens slightly. This rosy colour is not short in duration, rather it can last for up to an hour. Moreover, after using the Anti-Aging Mask the skin appears more clear, soft and youthful.There is a visible improvement in skin tone as well as the vitality of one’s appearance.

Wrinkles are effectively lessened or reduced from within as the skin is regenerated. This puts the brakes on the aging processes of the skin.

The Mineral Creams are packaged in high quality airtight dispensers, eliminating the need for chemical preservatives

More beautiful skin while you sleep

How does one use the Anti-Aging Mask?

It’s best to use the mask in the evening, and it is not necessary to wash your skin before application as the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur provides a deep cleansing (the healing clay works like a sponge to remove bacteria, dirt particles, excess sebum, etc. from the skin). Using the mask once or twice per week will free your skin from negative environmental influences and the metabolic waste that your own body produces. Apply, allow it to work for about 30 minutes, then rinse it off – ideally using a fangocur natural sponge to increase the natural peeling effect! Afterwards, feel free to apply a high quality, natural skin cream.

Relieving the skin of stress from within

Tip: A healthy digestive system plays a very important role in the maintenance of a healthy complexion. By using Bentomed from fangocur you can normalise your digestive function while cleansing and detoxifying your stomach and intestinal tract. By making sure that your stomach and intestines are free to function at their best, there is less pressure on the skin to eliminate metabolic waste products. When the skin is less stressed, there’s nothing in the way of a more beautiful and glowing appearance.

Indigestion or Gastritis?

Bentomed is an effective and natural way to fight indigestion and gastritis – now is the time to find out more!

Washing your skin without drying is the way to prevent wrinkles

Commonly available skin cleaning products contain chemical additives that can cause irritation, moreover such soaps tend to dry out the skin. When the skin is too dry, the signs of aging become all the more apparent – most commonly in the form of wrinkles. By preventing dryness, you can prevent the development of wrinkles. This is why we recommend washing with our all-natural AloeVera Mineral Soap. It contains our unique fango healing clay, which gently cleans the skin and works to prevent inflammation. This soap is especially suitable for those with more sensitive skin. Additionally, aloe vera helps to soothe the skin. The combination of fango healing clay and aloe vera furthermore normalises the lipid metabolism of dry skin.

When you wash with the AloeVera Mineral Soap moisture is actually drawn into the skin so that it doesn’t dry out. The skin has the chance to restore the natural water-lipid protective layer on its own. After washing, you’ll immediately note that your skin feels different – pleasantly clean without the dryness.

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